How much does it cost to connect utilities?

The minimum deposit for water/wastewater is $125. Deposits are subject to increase based upon past credit history. There is also a connect fee (non-refundable) of $15.

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1. Can I put the utilities in my name for someone else?
2. Does someone have to be at the location for utilities to be connected?
3. What can I do if I think my meter has been misread?
4. I have already moved out of town and need my utilities cut off, can I request this service over the telephone?
5. I have recently gotten divorced. How do I get the account changed to reflect the divorce decree?
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8. If I am out of town and cannot make it into City Hall, can I send someone in with my information to do my connect for me?
9. Can I connect my utilities over the phone?
10. What are your hours?
11. How much does it cost to connect utilities?