Pete Kampfer
City Manager


Hamilton City Hall
200 E Main St


The city manager provides the general administration of the city, while executing the policies and objectives formulated by the City Council. As the chief administrator, the city manager is directly responsible to the mayor and city council. The manager oversees the day-to-day operation of the city through the coordination of all city department activities and functions and executes council established laws and policies for the City of Hamilton.

Additional Administrative Contacts

City Administrator: Pete Kampfer
(254)386-8116 ext 6

City Secretary: Ryan W Polster
(254)386-8116 ext 5

Building Inspector:
(254)386-8116 ext 4

Billing Clerk: Erin Craig
(254)386-8116 ext 2

Administrative Assistant: Sherri Tomlinson
(254)386-8116 ext. 8

Municipal Court Clerk: Beccy Rowe
(254)386-8116 ext 3

Public Works Director:

Assistant Public Works Director: