Chamber Manager Job Opening

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is currently looking to fill a part-time Chamber Manager position to open this summer. Interested applicants can submit a resume and cover letter to the Chamber by email, in person or by mail.

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Mailing: PO Box 429, Hamilton, TX 76531
Physical: 103 1/2 N Rice St, Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Chamber Manager
Job Description

Responsible for working directly with the Board of Directors for a full range of activities. Coordination of the program of work, organizational structure and procedures, motivation of volunteers, income and expenditures, maintenance of membership, interpretation of chamber policy, maintenance of office, hotel occupancy account management and long-range planning

I. Program of Work: Through the proper committee, manager is responsible for identification of Chamber along with the Board and community needs and for the preparation of a program of work designed to meet these needs. This involves constant evaluation of the program, with recommendations for change as needed, and a system of measuring progress toward attainment of program and community goals.

II. Chamber Structure and Procedures: The Manager must pay constant attention to the internal structure of the Chamber to ensure that the organization is effectively geared to function with maximum efficiency in the anticipation, identification and solution of Chamber/community problems. The manager will recommend to the board such changes in structure and procedures as are needed.

III. Motivation of Volunteers: Key to the effectiveness of the Chamber is the ability of the Manager to motivate and inspire volunteers to creative and effective action.

IV. Income and Expenses: Through the Budget and Finance Committee, the manager along with the Board is responsible for developing the Chamber budget and relating budget to program goals. As approved by the Board, the manager is responsible for all expenditures within the framework of the budget. Will prepare monthly financial statement of income and expenses and quarterly statements by program. Will ensure that financial records of the Chamber are audited annually. Seek maximum staff efficiency in all financial procedures.

V. Membership: Responsible for maintaining the membership at a level that will ensure necessary income for the operation of the program. Promote and organize recruitment through program to increase membership.

VI. Interpretation of Policy: The manager will ensure that Chamber policy, as established by the Board, is properly recorded in minutes and filed accordingly. Will assist the Board, committees, and members in interpretation of policy in relation to any given question or program. Will assist the President of the Board in preparation of statements of Chamber position on public issues.

VII. Maintenance of Office: Responsible for design and maintenance of the office that will provide for an efficient operation and present an attractive “front door” for the use of Chamber members, the community and visitors.

VIII: Long-Range Planning: Under the direction of a constantly evolving Board of Directors and an annually changing roster of officers, the manager is responsible for maintaining continuity and consistency in programming. Based on proper research of community needs, the manager must anticipate emerging and long-range problems and recommend Chamber and community programs to meet such problems.

IX: Liaison: With the Board of Directors the manager must earn and maintain the respect and confidence of the membership individually and collectively. The manager is responsible for preparing an agenda, maintaining Board minutes and records, carrying out plans and programs of the Board in accordance with established policies, serving as representative of the Board for all contacts with the Chamber, initiating programs for consideration by the Board, and assisting the Board on all matters under consideration.

X. With the Membership: The manager must motivate members to support – personally and financially – an aggressive Chamber program. The incumbent must analyze and interpret the needs of members and recommend revisions in the program of work to improve service and assistance to make membership more valuable. The manager will entertain suggestions, proposals and request from the members and translate them into action consistent with the fundamental objectives and policies of the Chamber. Will render such personal service to members as the occasion may require and time may allow.

XI. With the Community: Through personal contacts with community leaders, the manager helps shape the community. Is frequently called upon to relate chamber activities of all other groups in improvement of the commercial, industrial and civic life of the community. The manager represents the Chamber in meetings of local, state and national organizations. Must constantly strive to develop a better public understanding of the purpose and function of the organizations.

XII. Administrative: Assists the President. Directs supervision of reception and information. Coordinates annual and quarterly meetings. Provides financial resources to meet expanding budget requirements. Is directly accountable to the President for the overall administration of the internal operations of the Chamber, including such areas as finances and keep informed at all times concerning the financial condition of the Chamber. Will perform secretarial and general office duties.