References to Code Violations

The code enforcement officer strives for voluntary compliance, if corrective action is not completed in a reasonable manner or time, the code enforcement officer will take criminal or civil action. The goal is to resolve the code violation through voluntary compliance.

Building & Structures in Need of Repair

Code enforcement has the responsibility for finding substandard and dangerous structures. These are structures that are a health or safety issue for the people in the community. The city works with property owners to ensure that all buildings in the city are kept in safe condition.

Growth or Accumulation of Weeds, Brush, Rubbish

Code enforcement responds to complaints and makes random checks of property conditions for violations. Property owners are required to keep their property free of tall grass/weeds and rubbish. The accumulation of these items constitutes a public health nuisance.  Property owners are also responsible for maintaining the land adjacent to the property line and extending to the centerline of adjacent or abutting streets/alleys.  Vacant lots must also be kept free of weeds.

Junk, Wrecked & Abandoned Vehicles

"Junked vehicle" means a vehicle that is self-propelled and inoperable and does not have a current license plate or inspection certificate, or is wrecked, dismantled, or partially dismantled, or discarded; or has remained inoperable for more than 45 consecutive days. A junked vehicle including a part of a junked vehicle, that is visible from a public place or public right-of-way is a public nuisance, creates a fire hazard and tends to reduce the value of private property.

A major part of code enforcement involves problems with discarded, abandoned, or neglected personal property such as old cars. These old cars go ignored by their owners and are left to decay posing a health and safety risk in violation of state laws or city ordinances.