Hamilton County Courthouse

Though the town of Hamilton has always had a square, the first courthouse was not erected until 1878. Before that time, Hamilton Courthouses have included:

  • 1858 to 1863: Livery Station that was destroyed by fire
  • 1863 to 1867: James Rice’s Store
  • 1867 to 1869: Jones Store House
  • 1869 to 1871: Hamilton School House
  • 1871 to 1877: Second Floor of the F.M. Graves and Company that was destroyed by fire (the county paid $300 annually for the lease of this space)
  • 1877 to 1878: South Room of the Crescent Saloon

Courthouses Built

The first courthouse, costing $11,559, was built of native stone in only 8 months and opened March 11,1878. It was destroyed by fire in February 1886. In 1887, the second courthouse was built and still stands with some additions and restorations. 

In 1932, the addition of wings and a bell tower made up the center of the building. The Hamilton County Courthouse is the only one in the State to have crenellated towers. In 2013 the building was restored to its 1930s Art Deco form.

Hamilton County Courthouse