How do I adopt an animal from your shelter?

All adopters must complete an adoption application before they will be allowed to meet any of our animals. We do not allow the general public into our kennel except with an Animal Control Officer. This is to limit the spread of disease and allow us to have healthier animals available for adoption. 

We cannot guarantee the health of any of the animals we have available for adoption. We do not have a veterinarian on staff, but we are trained to watch for signs of illness. We will be completely honest with any illness or behavior issues we notice in any the animals we have up for adoption. We will also try our best to explain the breed’s activity levels to ensure that this animal is a good fit for your lifestyle.

All dogs available for adoption will not have any vaccinations. Our dogs have not been tested for heartworms. Rabies vaccinations are required to be done within seven days of adoption (or by 16 weeks of age), and spaying/neutering is required within thirty days of adoption (or by 6 months of age). Both are at the expense of the adopter.

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