What are your fees?

The dog impound intake fee is $10 per day.

There is no fee to adopt if you supply the receipt of a pre-paid rabies vaccination and a spay or neuter, if the dog will be living inside the city limits of Hamilton.

Adopters that live within Hamilton County or further will have to pre-pay for a rabies vaccination at time of adoption if the animal is not current. This ranges from $12-19 depending on which clinic you choose to use.

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1. How do I reclaim my animal from the shelter?
2. How do I adopt an animal from your shelter?
3. How do you determine if an animal is adoptable or if it will be euthanized?
4. What are your fees?
5. What medical care does this facility provide to its animals prior to adoption?
6. What is your hold time on animals before they are euthanized?
7. Do I have to spay/neuter the animal I adopt from this shelter?
8. Do you accept donations?