Cease the Grease Program

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is experiencing a problem with fats, oils and grease (FOG) building up in the sewer pipes, in the wet wells at the pump stations, and at the treatment plant itself.  Most of the FOG in the collection system is a byproduct of cooking.  It gets into the collection system when put directly down sink drains or when dishes, pots and pans are washed.Hamilton Grease in Wheelbarrow

If FOG builds up to the point that it causes a blockage, raw sewage can overflow from the collection system into the street, your yard, or worse yet, into your home or business.  Often, when city workers try to remove a blockage, the city’s antiquated ceramic sewer pipes burst, making it necessary to tear up a street in order to make repairs.  Regardless of where or why the overflow occurs, it will have to be cleaned up, and the sewer users will have to pay for it.

Even if there is no overflow, FOG destroys the pumps and other mechanical components used for wastewater treatment.  This increases maintenance costs and reduces the amount of money available for sewer line and treatment plant improvements.  Again, this is a cost that must be passed to the sewer users.


The best way to eliminate the FOG problem is to eliminate all fats, oils and grease from getting into the collection system.  It’s simple… never pour fats, oils or grease into sinks, toilets or down drains.  After cooking, let it cool, use a rubber scraper to remove it from dishes and cookware, put it in a sealed container, and put it in the trash.

FOG Ordinance

On March 8, 2018 the City Council of the City of Hamilton passed Ordinance Number 02-18.  This ordinance established guidelines for the installation, maintenance, monitoring and enforcement of grease traps and grease interceptors for any commercial business which generates fats, oils and grease.  This ordinance affects all food service businesses in Hamilton, such as restaurants, nursing homes, schools and hospitals.  Its purpose is to address the ongoing problem of grease in the city sewer system.

Ordinance Number 02-18

Cease the grease
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